From modern tilling technologies to

timely delivery to the customer

We care about the quality of our crops, proper storage,
and safe shipment to the customer

Our present product range includes:

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We control the whole manufacturing chain

We till, fertilize
and harvest the crops

We have land at our disposal in the Ukraine and Russia, as well as a reliable network of manufacturers in Kazakhstan

We work with
no middlemen

By initiating cooperation with us, you rely on one trustworthy company

High standards and ecology

We work in accordance with EU standards

In accordance with the newest EU regulation on the restriction of cadmium in artificial fertilizers, our crops satisfy all required limits. Additionally, the seeds manufactured and sold by us are examined for the presence of lead and mercury.
We warrant safety and readiness for use of our products  in the output of the food sector.

We have BIO crops

Veles Agro’s offer also contains organic  products, designated by a BIO certificate, which confirms their natural growth with no  chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
We have dynamically directed our development at organic cultivation, and are now searching wholesale recipients for our BIO products.

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